Covid-19 Guidelines for Our Church

To assure the safety of everyone who worships with us, we have changed our services substantially. We ask that everyone to please abide by the six-foot social distancing guideline. To maintain this safe distance in our sanctuary we have roped off every other pew. Please be prepared to sit on either side of the open pews, near the windows or the center aisle, leaving the middle for social distancing. Also, please try not to congregate in the middle or side aisles. Our sanctuary is not big enough for us to safely gather like this. Whether it is before or after the service please try to maintain the six-foot distance between yourself and others. The best place the congregate and still maintain a safe distance is in the parking lot before or after the service but please practice proper social distancing.

Maintaining the six-foot distance is impossible in certain settings within our church. For this reason, we have decided to close the educational wing until further notice. Likewise, for the safety of our workers and the children, our nursery will be closed. However, we do welcome the sound of children in our service.

Another way our service has changed is through increased hygiene practices. We recently purchased two hand sanitizing dispensers. These dispensers will be placed at both entrances of the sanctuary. Please sanitize your hands when you enter the church. We are also sanitizing the sanctuary after each service to ensure the safety of our visitors and members. Since the corona-virus is spread through the droplets in the air when we cough, sneeze, or even talk it is recommended that everyone wear a mask while moving around in the church. Likewise, we are not engaging in congregational singing. To keep from spreading germs through passing the offering plates, the plates will be placed on the communion table and on the table by the front door. If you have any tithes or offerings you can place them in the offering plates before or after the service.

We understand that these guidelines seem restrictive and difficult. We just ask that you please be patience and respect the feeling of others. The Lord told the disciples to love one another with the same sacrificial love He had for them (John 13:34–35). This command also applies to us. As followers of Christ we are to have a sacrificial love for each other, which means putting other people's welfare before our own. When we love one another like Christ loves us we show people that we are His disciples. We hope to see you soon.